November 2005


Sorry! Not really…

I must apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I do have a good excuse, really! I was at the grocery store last night making some last minute purchases, when I noticed that they were selling bottles of Primeur Beaujolais-Villages wine for less than 2€.

I bought a bottle, brought it home, opened it, and promptly […]

Guess the Country…

Being a good traveler, I often visit the websites of major first world nations to find out what they think of my destinations.

Since I’m leaving shortly on an extended trip, I decided to look up advice for one of my destinations from Major Nation #1:

“You should be alert to the dangers of car […]

Weimar Atrium

Looking down… Originally uploaded by elmada.

Today is Black Friday, the day when stores in the States go from having lost money all year to turning a profit as the hordes of shoppers, fueled by Thanksgiving dinners, hit the stores at extremely early hours. I suppose the name comes from the fact that businesses […]

What are the odds…

What are the odds that W didn’t want to bomb Al-Jazeera?

I hate being this cynical about the United States, but I cannot help it.

Even if the White House is denying it, the warnings issued to the media about memo usage and the gag order issued to the Mirror don’t exactly support the Bush’s […]


I’ve eaten so much turkey that I can hardly move.

Thankfully a colleague drove me home!


I hope everybody else is having/had a great Thanksgiving!

Más vale llegar a tiempo que ser invitado.

For those of you most familiar with my favorite book of all time, the above makes clear that I’ve just reread it.

Yes, Red Sky at Morning has been my literature of choice this past week. I wish I knew how many times I’ve read it—surely I must be fast approaching thirty times—I’ve read it […]

Merkel / Self

Ah, today Germany has a new leader.

Chancellor Merkel became the first woman to hold the position as well as the first person from East Germany to hold the top job.

On the other hand, I got depressed this afternoon for a particularly odd and trivial reason which I won’t discuss here. I’m pretty much […]

Dr. Five Piece

Friday afternoon I opened my mailbox knowing that the bill from my three visits to the dermatologist might be awaiting me.

Unfortunately it was there and the sight of the envelope immediately depressed me, so I did the most natural thing possible—I put it down and fixed myself BBQ Chicken for dinner and ignored its […]

What did I eat?

Last night I had a BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner. It was absolutely, positively delicious.

So today, I got home from the office, looked in the fridge and decided I needed to cook my chicken before it went bad, so I put it on the stove, reached for a bottle of something and waited to […]

‘tis the season… almost

Fall was rather late in arrival, and it has been rather quick in passing.

We went from having a lovely warm fall, to a few breezy and cool days, and off to freezing cold temperatures and the threat of snow tonight. The transition from warm to cold has taken just about a week.

It’s also […]