November 2005


Más vale llegar a tiempo que ser invitado.

For those of you most familiar with my favorite book of all time, the above makes clear that I’ve just reread it.

Yes, Red Sky at Morning has been my literature of choice this past week. I wish I knew how many times I’ve read it—surely I must be fast approaching thirty times—I’ve read it at least once a year, usually twice, if not three times, since high school.

It’s been cooling down in Germany—we had snow flurries yesterday, and today we had a bit of rain that made my walk across Weimar a bit damp as I’d left my umbrella at home. The weather is helping set the stage for this weekend, when, at least in Weimar, the Christmas Market will be opening up for business.

The market’s opening cannot come soon enough for me, as I am in desperate need of presents for my Mother, Father, Oldest Sister, and nephews—basically everybody but… my brother and younger sister. I have no idea what to get for everybody. A few people have suggested that my nephews might like something that says “Schloss,” since that is their last name. However, Schloss usually precedes another word and is often spelled “Schloß,” which isn’t recognizable to the unfamiliar (see me, two years ago).

However, before the Christmas Market opens, Thanksgiving is on the menu. For the second year in a row we’re having an office Thanksgiving Dinner at Oskar’s in Jena. This year there will be close to 25 of us enjoying Turkey, Vegetable Crepes, and Apple Pie a la mode, plus whatever other surprises the restaurant has cooked up for us.

Finally, I need to get over my shyness and try talking to strangers on the train. Who knows, it could have led to something today—at least the body language indicated as much.

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