December 2005



Bloomington is a really great city. Perhaps its greatest strength is the variety of restaurants.

While here, I’ve been busy revisiting old favorites: Greek’s Pizza for its outstanding “House Gourmet” pizza (and cute owner); Wee Willie’s for its fabulous French Toast; Ladyman’s for its easy going atmosphere; soma for its fruit smoothies; and one of the many Chinese buffet restaurants. Thursday night I’ll be going to Roots, the fabulous vegan restaurant here in Bloomington.

On the other hand, I am in a rather remote spot. I went into Borders today looking for the current issue of the Economist, but they still had the past issue for sale. Additionally they only had the Weekly Guardian for sale—no daily edition for sale.

My definition of civilization is changing slowly.

6 comments to Favorites…

  • Jerry Faust

    Did you try the Book Corner on the square downtown? They always seemed to carry the best selection of periodicals in Bloomington.

  • Unfortunately my driving hasn’t taken me near the Book Corner while it is open yet.

    I’m running too many errands right now!

  • Ed

    Do you think Wee Willies and Ladymans would be perfect names for a gay bar? The first time I went to Ladymans I didn’t know what to expect I just went there for breakfast because Micheal’s Uptown cafe was too crowded, but the food was relly good and the atmosphere was sort of midwest trucker meets the metro sexuals. I hope you have a good visit to Bloomington. I live 40 miles west of there but attend Ivy Tech a couple days a week. This weather sucks but then it is winter. I enjoy reading your daily updates sir, please keep us informed. I don’t know about others but I live vicariously through you. I have never been and probably never will get to visit Europe. I am an older student going for retraining and learning a new career it is not easy at my age but I”m not giving up. Later, Ed

  • Hey Ed-

    Wee Willies would be a terrible name for a gay bar. Who would want to admit to that?! 🙂

    I like Ladyman’s because of its down home comfort–its one of the few places in Bloomington where college kids mix well with locals. Its the kind of place where the wait staff remembers you by what you order and will have it ready for you befoe you show up.

    Good luck with Ivy Tech–they have a beautiful campus.

  • Jerry Faust

    The Ladyman’s is a great place, especially since its transition to a smoke-free establishment some years ago. I’ve always been fond of their cream gravy!

  • Jerry, The Book Corner was out of the Economist today when I stopped by. I do not know which issue they were out of, but they were expecting a shipment of new ones today… unfortunately it hadn’t arrived when I was there at 2:30 or 3.