January 2006


Spending Złotych

Miejski dom Kultury

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So my biggest problem in Poland was spending money.

As noted in Breaking the Law, I crossed from Poland into Germany the first time looking for dinner—this was symbolic of my biggest problem in Poland: Spending Money.

After my hotel bill was paid, I had 280 […]

Breaking the Law

The point of my weekend adventure was to add another country to my list—especially since this one is fairly close to my home in Weimar: Poland. As I outlined in “Weekend Roundup” yesterday, I walked across the border into Poland. Please see the extended entry to see how I chose my destination in Germany and […]

Weekend Roundup

Steam Engine

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I’m home from my journey.

However I need time to write up the trip and talk about everything I saw (it will probably be spread out across several days). I also need to upload my pictures to Flickr.

The picture attached to this entry was a lucky […]


Today was a whole lot busier than I expected yesterday at this time. However, I spun through my email box 24 hours ago and discovered that I had a list of queries that need immediate answering so that a book can go to the printers and be published by the promised date.

That meant that […]


Stilbruch – cute waiter

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Despite the freezing cold, yesterday I left the office for lunch. I left because the cafeteria menu didn’t interest me.

I headed down to Stilbruch for the first time in a long time. I was proof reading something and needed a space away from the […]

Really Really COLD


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Today’s high temperature in Jena was supposed to be -4°C.

However, when I went to the office this morning, it was a whole lot colder.

Am tired–I have photos and other things to upload, but am heading to bed shortly.

Catch you tomorrow!


Jury Summons

Jury Summons

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For the third time in my life, I’ve been called to Jury Duty.

The first time was by the State of Colorado to serve on a year long “Grand Jury.” As a political junkie, I was definitely interested in serving. Unfortunately, serving on the jury meant that […]

Thinking Globally

Yesterday iTunes informed me that I needed to upgrade my software as fast as possible—being a bad person, I waited a day before installing the software.

The principle change appears to be the addition of Internet radio stations—so while surfing the web today, I decided to listen to one of the many trance options, Fusion […]



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Today I stayed at home to work, do some shopping and other Weimar based things. I also stayed home because the maid needed to pick up the key to the flat.

Unfortunately she forgot.

And this is a lame blog entry.

In other odd moments, this morning it […]

Brokeback Bareback Mountain

Ok, I know I wasn’t the only person who heard the name of that gay movie featuring cowboys in Wyoming and thought to themselves, “Bareback Mountain?! WTF?!” My mistake in hearing (or reading) caused me to wonder if, in fact, a great joke was being pulled on the American public (much like South Park: Bigger, […]