January 2006


Soy Candles

As previously noted, I’ve taken up listening to Podcasts—and my favorite, hands down, is Yeast Radio, with Madge Weinstein—the 56 year old bloated lesbian and breast cancer survivor. She lives in Chicago and is quite the woman.

Taking up second place currently is Twinkleboi, a 21 year old boi in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I cannot really place a finger on why I like Twinkle so much, but the end result of my listening is that I have taken to summarizing his shows for PodcastSoup.Net, which is run by a guy named Mike Hipp near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In addition to running PodcastSoup, Mike makes and sells candles—Soy Candles by Phebes.

Mike’s been known to send candles to Podcasters—there have been discussions about his candles on a number of podshows, including the Feast of Fools, however shipping candles to the UK from the USA has proven cost prohibitive. So I volunteered to carry a candle over the ocean for Mike and to send it to Twinkle from Europe. I also was a recipient of Mike’s largess.

The Soy Candles are absolutely amazing—the scent manages to be quite pleasing without being too overwhelming.

So the point of this post is to say Thank You to Mike Hipp, and to tell the rest of you, that Soy Candles by Phebes are worth a gander, plus if you want some interesting starting places for queer podcasting, try the three I’ve listed here. All are worthwhile.

Tomorrow: Kyiv’s Chornobyl Museum and the Great Patriotic War Museum.

3 comments to Soy Candles

  • i heart me some soy candles. and dude, i saw ‘hostel’ last night. i’m very worried about your safety!

  • Ed

    I would like to get a candle from Soy Candles by Phebes. I looked them over and I can’t decide what scent to go with. You said the one you have was nice. what sent is it? Ed

  • I like the Blackberry Cassis scent the most…

    And I’ve been to Slovakia– I want to go to one of the more remote parts next time, since I’ve only been to Bratislava.