January 2006



Stilbruch – cute waiter

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Despite the freezing cold, yesterday I left the office for lunch. I left because the cafeteria menu didn’t interest me.

I headed down to Stilbruch for the first time in a long time. I was proof reading something and needed a space away from the office noise to get a substantial amount of reading done. I picked Stilbruch because I have fond memories of eating there last summer, I hadn’t been there a long time, and the waiters are very cute.

The spaghetti pesto meal was nice, accompanying a cup of hot tea (with -4°C out, hot tea was needed). Along the way I managed to snap a few photos of the restaurant and the cute waiter.

The good news is that I managed to get 10 pages read.

The bad news is that I just got an email with a bunch of questions concerning a book project I thought was completely finished.

However, Friday I am leaving town and heading out for a two night trip. I’ve opted to stay on the side of a river where rooms cost 26€ a night, as opposed to the 50€ rooms. The trip should annoy my sister.

5 comments to Stilbruch

  • IUMike

    The waiter is cute enough to risk the wrath of the cafeteria Gestapo! Maybe you should request that HE be on the cafeteria menu.

  • Ed

    He is nice! I might have asked him if I could see more of his Tattoo! Even though it was cold outside he was fortunately dressed for hot weather. I would still be on the first page. That doesn’t look like a place to go so you won’t be distracted 🙂 Ed

  • ChrisC

    A trip that will annoy your sister… must be to a country you have not visited yet.

  • ChrisM

    Thanks Adam! You just made my day. I sat at that very table…with the dishes. The other side of the rail is open to below? I have very fond memories of Stilbruch too.

  • Hey ChrisM–I’m glad it brought back memories.

    Unfortunately there isn’t an opening on the other side of the rail to the main floor any more–you can see where it was, but they’ve put down some boards and put in a large dried flower arrangement right in the middle.