January 2006


Airports and Airlines VI

Updated to include six new airports and three new airlines flown in December!

Airports I have flown in or out of: US: ABE; ALB; ATL, AUS; CVG; DCA; DEN1; DEN2; DFW; DRO; DTW; EWR; IAD; IAH; IND; JFK; LFT; LAS; LGA; MEM; MKE; MSP; MSY; ORD; ORF; PDX; PHX; SFO; RDU; SHV; STL (31)

Non-US: […]


I was going to use the word “coda” in a blog entry, when out of the blue, MT used it in her Bluegrass entry. Grrrrr….

I’m using it anyway.

Kyiv was, in many ways, a perfect coda to Lisbon.

In Lisbon, I took a funicular—the first funicular I’d taken in years. I repeated this in […]

Birthday Soon

Will somebody please get me this Bear? (NSFW/Flash/Click on the hand)

De-Lurk! De-Lurk!

delurk6. Uploaded by hallock35.

So, it’s National De-Lurking Week, and despite the obvious bias, I am participating from an international location.

If you’ve never done so before, please post a comment on my blog–I’d love to hear from you!

Via MT and Paper Napkin.


Willing Warrior

Warning: This is not meant to be an attack, rather it is constructive criticism, which could (and probably will) be interpreted as an attack by the focus of my critique.

For those of you who carefully pay attention to my sidebar (population: zero), you may have noticed that I’ve added WillingWarrior to my listing, along […]



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So, since leaving Kyiv, I’ve not really given an overall impression of the city, nor have I completely thanked Katya’s family for hosting me.

Without further ado, I will address the second point:

Dear Katya’s Family:

Thank you ever so much for hosting me over New Year’s Eve. […]

Atheist at the Church

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

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The first time I ever felt like an atheist at the church was when I first visited the Indianapolis Speedway—home of the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400, and (maybe) the US Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I still remember the trip quite clearly: I was searching for […]

Chornobyl and Great Patriotic War Museums

My time in Kyiv was severely impacted by the New Year’s Eve holiday, which extended into New Year’s Day. I spent much of New Year’s Day sleeping off the effects of vodka and staying up until 4am.

Accordingly, my visits to Kyiv’s museums were limited to only the ones that I was most interested in […]

Soy Candles

As previously noted, I’ve taken up listening to Podcasts—and my favorite, hands down, is Yeast Radio, with Madge Weinstein—the 56 year old bloated lesbian and breast cancer survivor. She lives in Chicago and is quite the woman.

Taking up second place currently is Twinkleboi, a 21 year old boi in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I cannot […]

Free Market Transportation


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The most impressive thing about Kyiv was it’s free market.

Katya was a master of this—for example, we had taken the subway out from the center of the city to the stop nearest her house, where we were to take bus number 487 to her house. The bus […]