February 2006



Ok, so I’m writing this onboard the InterCity Express from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Weimar Monday morning—a few days before I thought that I would be returning to home.

It seems that my usual trip detail anality has not been accurate enough. I need to learn to read calendars and itineraries more carefully before approving anything.


Only In New York

I looked out my hotel window and watched a fire truck, complete with its lights and siren going being passed by taxis and cars headed north on 8th Avenue.

While taking the subway, the train I was on was stopped due to a “suspicious package” on the train ahead of us. The best part was […]

Gay New York

I went out to two bars on Thursday night—off first to catch the end of an amateur hod-body contest—which was amusing. Once it was over the music wasn’t exactly to my taste and I decided to press-on.

I found a club near my hotel where for only the second or third time since high school […]

The City Chaotic

I’ve had a very productive day here in New York City.

However, I have to say that it is a vastly different pace from anywhere else I’ve been in recent years: constant honking of horns, taxis in large numbers, and that unmistakable bouquet odor that lurks in subway entrances.

Due to the huge blizzard that […]

Louisville Summary

Laundry: The bellhops at the Brown Hotel were kind enough to take me to the nearby “VanJames Coin Laundry Dry Cleaning,” where for the price of cleaning three pair of underwear at the in house laundry, I was able to wash three loads of laundry.

There I became an insta-celebrity, as the manager/owner interviewed me […]

Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali Center

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Today I made time, after doing laundry, to visit the Center that honors Louisville’s most famous citizen, Muhammad Ali.

Before visiting the museum I knew two factoids about the man: (a) he was a boxer; and (b) he lit the Olympic Torch in Atlanta.

Seriously, that’s […]

One Thing After Another

Me pointing

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To describe this trip as a series of mini-headaches would be an understatement.

The funny thing is that nothing has really caused me to get really upset—only once have I been really surly with somebody and another time I let annoyance creep into my voice.

Seriously, I’ve […]

Off… Not Off

The trip has been good—even though it was longer than planned.

Maker’s Mark was interesting, but see MT for full commentary.

I will probably not post again until Thursday. Maybe Wednesday.

I’m still in Louisville. Will blog about it in a bit.

Air France

Being the geek that I am, I spotted and picked up the Air France brochure about the “Boeing 777: Travelling differently.” (sic—I believe it is British English)

Anyhow, among the bullshit in the brochure was this statement for their L’Espace Première customers:

Passengers also now benefit from private rest-rooms.

I hate to find out what […]

don’t ask… please…

I fly back to Germany on Monday, not today.

One night in Germany make the world go round…