February 2006


My sympathy is gone.

At first I was vaguely sympathetic to the protests by Islamic people who felt that the Danish political cartoons were inappropriate.

Principally I recognize that this is just a place where Western freedom of the press is just going to collide with Islamic religious fundamentalism, so I would hope that the Islamic religious fundamentalists would just shake their heads and remind their followers that the cartoonists will spend an eternity in the Islamic equivalent of hell, and then forget about it.

However, there is the strong stench of hypocrisy: said cartoons were published in an Egyptian newspaper.

In October.

So while I am perfectly willing to tolerate other people’s intolerance of the decadent Western society, I am unwilling to tolerate hypocrisy: If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.

So just as in the past, while I’ve been willing to tolerate and ignore assholes like Newt Gingrich, believing that they are actually misguided as to what is just and moral in life, as soon as I discover they are violating their own stated “morals” I get vocally upset. (See Newt prosecute Bill Clinton for getting a blow job, see Newt hiding a 6 year extra-marital affair at the same time, see me get upset.)

Hence, I am upset: If you are actually upset about the cartoons being publish in Denmark, you must be upset about the cartoons being published in Egypt.

Until I see Muslim protestors burning an Egyptian Embassy, I have no sympathy for the protestors for they are nothing but hypocrites.

2 comments to My sympathy is gone.

  • Ed

    yes, they were even burning the american flag and shouting death to Israel even though neither country published the offensive cartoon. They were just looking for a reason to protest. They know where this Mohammad is buried, so he may have been a great man but he was no god. God’s don’t die, or at least they don’t stay dead. Jesus’ tomb is empty. I know you may not believe in him, but he believes in you. If the things he predicted never came true I would not believe but everything he said would happen has happened or is about too. Jesus said I will arise from the dead the third day and he did. He was seen by over one thousand people during his last 40 days on earth. He said Isreal will become a nation again and they did. He said the jews would be hated by every nation and that is true. He predicted the whole world would come under the control of one man and that is quickly happening. One religion with it’s leader will rule the earth and not permit anyone to speak against it or for their own beliefs. I see where in France to appease the islamic community no one is allowed to wear a cross. Our own troops in Iraq cannot wear a cross or let any Iraqi see that they have a Bible. Tolerance is good but only if all religions are tolerated equally. Ed

  • ChrisC

    Umm… er… Actually the cartoons have been printed in America.

    Part of me thinks this is the Islamic world saying “Do what we say” since the west is so fond of saying that to them.