February 2006


Brown Update

The Brown Hotel has moved me, as promised, to a much swankier room.

It is a very nice room—however, I was a bit disturbed: there is a Kentucky Derby themed throw on my bed and two robes in my closet—standard amenities for this floor. Each was accompanied by a card that announced it was “provided for your comfort and convenience.”

Each was followed with a brief notice that if we wanted to take it home, we could. $75 for the throw and $85 for the bathrobe.

General feeling: I am happy—they have recovered from their disaster and made me happy—especially happy since the room includes breakfast—usually standard fare in Europe but not so standard in the States.

3 comments to Brown Update

  • mateo

    Way to complain Adam!!! Sometimes it’s the only way to get what you want! 😉 Heh. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

  • Oddly, I didn’t really complain–I did ask what my compensation was going to be, but I was too tired to really complain at the time–in fact the desk clerk said they were looking for a comforter, and I said I didn’t need one, I just wanted to go to bed…

    I never really got worked up about it — which probably surprises y’all, but I swear its true!!!

  • mateo

    *laugh* I don’t really believe you, Adam. I’m double checking with the hotel staff to see what a holy terror you’ve really been!!!! I know you want to look like the good guy on your blog, but we know the truth!!! Or maybe someone just thought you looked like you deserved some special treatment???