March 2006



Today I took the plunge and opened a myspace page.

Right now there’s absolutely nothing on it–basically I joined because I wanted to see pictures of somebody who was supposed to be cute. In an abstract way, he was cute–but not my type at all.

The most annoying feature was that I got a confirmation […]

cooler Tag

Today was really cool, in an unexpected way.

On my way to Jena I was rocking out to music on my iPod while reading the Handbook on the Knowledge Economy.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a noteworthy event, but this morning the train was filled with lots of kids—I’d guess 11 or 12 years old.

I […]

Good Luck CQ

I hope that CQ is able to keep his gamblin’ urges under control, now that North Carolina has the lottery!

At least I know the scratching noises I hear coming from his house aren’t due to any unwanted bugs, but rather coins working those tickets!

Good Luck!

Lotteries: A tax on people who are bad […]

Berlin Photos Posted

Berliner Dom

Originally uploaded by elmada.

You can see all of my Berlin photos on Flickr, check out my Berlin Photo Set.

Gay Berlin


Thursday evening’s entertainment nightcap was a trip to Tom’s—the nearest bar to my place that seemed worth visiting. It opened at 10p, and I didn’t bother leaving my place until 11:30. Surprisingly, the area was quiet. Not much was going on at all, and I didn’t see anybody going into the bar.

So I […]

Berlin: Saturday

In Flight!

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So, after breakfast I wandered around and looked at the market in Winterfeldtplatz before heading to the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin .

The museum is a collection of lots of interesting things, ranging from train engines, to boats, to airplanes. There’s also a small collection of vintage cars […]

Berlin: Friday


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Friday morning I slept in until 8. I wrote for awhile and headed out after awhile.

My first stop was Starbucks at the Brandenburg Gate for a smoke-free coffee. I hung out until 11 when the free tour of Berlin started.

Free Berlin Tour

The free three and […]

French Reflections

Saturday was dominated by the weather: It was rainy.

While it wasn’t heavy, it did discourage me from taking the not free Cold War walking tour of Berlin from the same company that offered the free Berlin tour that I took Friday.

Instead I picked up The Guardian and had breakfast at Café Berio, which […]

Berlin: Thursday

Thankfully the trip up to Berlin was uneventful: I was essentially on time, and, as I was making the trip on the U-Bahn, my ticket was inspected, one of three journeys that I was controlled.

My flat in Berlin was in a terrific location—a block away from the U-Bahn station, a block away from The […]

Berlin Bound

Obviously, in the past, I have not enjoyed Berlin.

The last three times I was in Berlin (admittedly an airport was involved each time), it was overcast, the streets were wet, and I got depressed.

This time spring is here: the sun is out, and it is beautiful.

At least here in Weimar.

I am […]