March 2006



To say that I have a negative balance between my credit card and my bank account is an understatement. Louisville was more expensive than anticipated, and New York City is just plain expensive.

So, I have put myself on a strict budget until I get reimbursed for my expenses, and I am not eating out—save for Sunday morning’s coffee shop adventure—any time in the near future.

However, I took a look at my bank account and discovered, much to my joy, that I had more cash than I expected—so I withdrew a small amount and headed straight to three different shops.

At the first shop I bought more tissue: I could have done this anywhere, but I needed to buy two boxes of tissue, and boxes of tissue are hard to find—usually one buys packages of packets, which as I have noted before, are less expensive than boxes of tissues, although they use considerably more packaging, all of which is environmentally unfriendly.

The second shop was where I tackled heavy goods: it was also the one closest to my house. Three bottles of Green Tea are now in the fridge (only two and a half now). Three bottles are my limit for carrying home in one trip as liquid is quite heavy.

The third shop I picked up some harder to find goods (frozen spinach pizza) that were lighter and not so objectionable to carry a long distance. I was hoping to find plain tortilla chips, but these appear to be nearly impossible to locate without an adventurous trip to a major supermarket.

Too bad I’m craving them!

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  • MT

    Ugh … the joy of expensive trips. I feel your pain. I, too, am on the cheap and easy at-home meal plan. Blah.