March 2006


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Weimar Reflected

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Photo Stuff: I uploaded a number of photos today—14 in fact. You can see all of them on pages one and two (for a few days) of my Flick Stream, including the one above. All of the photos were taken on Sunday in Weimar, which brings me to a total of 130 of my photos that have been tagged with “Weimar.”

For the extra curious, I’ve put in geotagged all of my new photos, and have retro-tagged a number of the older ones. Some, depending upon the imaging available to me, have even had a FlickrFly tag added to them, so that you can see where I was and a close approximation of the angle where I took the photos: like this one of George Rogers Clark.

Weekend Stuff: I am going to Berlin Thursday through Sunday. I booked a room through Enjoy Bed and Breakfast for 35€ a night. Actually, I booked a flat, and it’s located immediately adjacent to one of Berlin’s gay districts (a city so big, it has multiple gay districts). I managed to land a block away from a U-Bahn station and quite close to The Garage.

The Garage is, as I understand it, a second hand clothing store that sells clothing by the kilo: roughly 14€ per kilo. Obviously one doesn’t buy blue jeans at such a price (although they’d probably be a bargain compared to new blue jeans in Germany), but since I am in the market for underwear and shirts, this will be perfect. (Well, I won’t buy underwear used, but, shirts I surely will!)

4 comments to … Stuff

  • koko

    I was horrified when you said, “I am in the market for underwear and shirts, this will be perfect”.

    But luckily you said that secondhand panties weren’t an option. *shudders*

  • MT

    Koko – I had the same reaction. The whole idea of used undies is nasty to the power of 10!

  • koko

    only gross to the power of 10?? inifintly gross I think better describes it 🙂

    thanks for the back up MT 🙂

  • Rex

    let’s not be so judgmental.