March 2006


Used Underwear

I'd use his used...

I'd use his used...

My last post accidentally grossed out the female portion of my readership when I briefly left open the possibility that I might buy used underwear. They were relieved when I slammed the door shut in the closing parenthetical thought.

However, I did not mean to slam the door.

I would buy this guy’s (see picture) used underwear.

But only if unwashed.

11 comments to Used Underwear

  • Ed

    Thanks dude I was beginning to worry about you. There are a lot of mens used underwear I would like to have. Unwashed of course 😉

  • MT

    Well, there’s a difference between buying used undies to wear … and buying used undies to sniff and obsess over. [Now, there’s an image for you, eh?]

  • ChrisC

    Must find myself some mental floss. I’ll take my men groomed and freshly washed, thank you very much!

  • mateo

    Since this is my favorite boy in the whole world, I’d buy just about anything that ever actually touched his bod! Heh.

  • koko

    Oh my…

    Though this sounds slightly less “cover my ears, scream, and run away” than purchasing used panties to wear…I still think having a *hot* boyz panties, used, to sniff…is still questionable behavour. I mean, what if his ball sac is prone to an odour that induces vomiting? Seems like there would be a great chance of that happening, no matter how attractive the man is.

    I’m still at this point going to “cover my ear, scream, and run away”.

    *covers ears*


    *runs away*

  • IUMike

    Of all the things in the world to be squeamish about, I have to say that used underwear falls far down on my list.

  • koko

    mike you know me…i’m squeamish about EVERYTHING…so it’s not too surprising 😉

  • MT

    Oh Koko, it’s okay to be squeamish. I had to laugh at your description above though …

  • I’ve never met a ball sac whose odor would induce vomitting.

    Of course, if I don’t think the boy is cute, I never bother sniffing… so maybe ugly men have vomit inducing ball sacs.

  • koko

    I’d also suspect hippies/those who do not bathe regularly/homeless people also have vomit inducing ball sac odors….

  • bs

    looking to trade underwear