Today I had a stroke of luck!

I did my usual Sunday thing for Weimar, which involved going down to Café Laden and then for a walk around the city.

This time I returned home about 15 minutes before it rained.

Asside: My computer appears to have been infected with some spyware—so, I am holding off taking pictures off of my digital camera for a few days. Hopefully the office will rebuild my computer Monday or Tuesday—something I know that they’ve been wanting to do.

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  • I was caught- for the first time in Vancouver- in the rain without an umbrella about a week and a half ago. Then I went on an extremely long walk in Toronto’s Chinatown last weekend without an umbrella, and the excursion was cut short by rain and sleet (luckily I was able to buy an umbrella from a Chinatown vendor for just $4). I’m glad you escaped the deluge :).