Favorite Foods


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At first glance one would think that I like a wide variety of food—and in fact, I do.

But I get into food ruts, and my rut of the month is creamed spinach.

Spinach is one of those foods I really love, but rarely buy. A few weeks ago I bought a frozen block of creamed spinach, and loved it—annoyed only because the block was one solid mass of spinach, more than I could justify eating in one seating—but because it was one big block, did (at the expense of a well balanced diet).

On a return trip to the grocery store, I discovered that Germans have invented frozen creamed spinach in smaller blocks—that’s right: I bought half a kilo of frozen creamed spinach, all of it chunked into small easy to break apart chunks that allow me to cook just the right amount.

Needless to say, spinach burritos, spinach pasta, and just plain spinach have been my principle diet in the past couple of weeks—but better balanced because I haven’t had to eat all of the package in one fell swoop.

And by the way, I’ve been eating creamed spinach in my recently acquired used underwear. That ought to get the search engines directing more traffic to my blog!

5 comments to Favorite Foods

  • Ed

    That reminds me of Popeye the Sailor man. Adam is strong to the finish ’cause he eats his spinach, he’s Adam the young gay man.

  • Annie

    Will we have Spinach-Fa’ji’tas next week?

  • koko

    ew gross creamed spinach and used panties?? not sure which is worse 😛

  • ChrisC

    I don’t even want to know what sort of cream is associated with used underwear creamed spinach.

  • Gosh, some how I only read the innocent version of that sentence when I wrote it.

    It takes a couple of freakish fiends to read the not-so-innocent versions and post in response to what they read.

    I (heart) you Koko and ChrisC!

    As for the Fajitas– i’m not sure spinach cooks in the right was for them, but… spiniach can be served.