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Awhile back I joined Naughtybids.Com just so that I could see some listings of what was for sale.

Consequently, I still get updates from Naughtybids regarding their policies. Considering the hottest topic on my blog in recent weeks, I thought that the following memo might be of interest.

Based on user comments we feel that our current policy on used clothing is overly broad and that a few violators of the previous policy were ruining it for those who were following the rules. As such we have reverted to our previous policy of allowing used clothing to be sold however it must be cleaned before shipping. You may not sell soiled items but you may sell used items. The section of the user agreement regarding used clothing has been more clearly and strongly worded to allow us more latitude in enforcing it against those the violate the rule while allowing those who follow the rules to legitimately sell their used clothing items. This change is effective immediately. The new section of the User Agreement reads as follows:

Soiled items or garments

All items and garments must be laundered before shipping. Clever wording will not keep your item from being removed and your account suspended. We know if you’re selling soiled items and so do you. Don’t sell any soiled item and you won’t have a problem. Even the implication that an item will be soiled is prohibited. Statements that imply that an item will be soiled include but are not limited to:

Any reference to customization

Any reference to special requests

Any reference to sealing an item before shipping (such as item will be in Ziploc bag)

Any inclusion of a term or phrase in quotations (such as item will be “cleaned” before shipping)

As I was thinking about getting in the business of selling my second hand used underwear (maybe even “customized”), I am unhappy to report that I will not be using Naughtybids.com to sell my used underwear. I will, however, continue to look at their listings when I am looking for specialized goods.

Follow-Up News: I just realized that my old entry “Used Underwear” is currently the 13th ranked item when you Google Used Underwear–3rd item on the second page of results! And, amusingly, the second ranked item on this search is a defunct website that used to sell used underwear–the bad boys of qballs.

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