Good Friday?

it’s overcast, cool, and threatening to rain…

is this really a good friday?

4 comments to Good Friday?

  • Ed

    Right now here in Indiana it is 64 and sunny. There was some rain in northern Indiana this morning and it is supposed to rain this evening but first it is going into the 80’s. As a typical Hoosier, I am going mushroom hunting. Have a nice day, Adam.

  • MT

    Damn, but I wish it would rain here and wash away some of the pollen. It might help with my headache (of course, that could also be my hangover). D’oh!

  • 85 and clear. We had a Great Friday.

    You just knew those of us in the warm parts of the world would jump in to brag.

    I’m just trying to balance all the bad Florida news.

  • B.

    jesus kinda liked it…