Short Takes

It’s time for a series of short-takes on stuff:

Haircut: Remember that haircut where I wanted to take the stylist home? Well, I haven’t followed up on it on the blog, but it was clear that he is an apprentice after only a week. It’s not the worst hair cut I’ve ever had, but it is certainly ranking among the worst. It’s been five weeks, but it looks more like 10 weeks.

I was going to get my hair cut today, but I decided that since this is a low key weekend (3 day holiday, thanks to Monday being Labor Day (or May Day)), I would wait another week so that I will look beautiful for MT and have it better timed for my early June haircut.

Gay Leipzig: So I face a quandary. If I go clubbing at G-Garage on Friday night, the timing is perfect. I can take a late train there, party all night, come home and be in bed at 6:30. Unfortunately that is perfectly timed for Saturday Morning Construction. The alternative, going to the club on Saturday night means that I take a late train there, but the first train back isn’t until after 6, meaning I wouldn’t be home until 7:45.

Once the music stops at 5, I figure I have about an hour and a half of residual energy left in me—something that works perfectly on Friday night, but not so well on Saturday night.

Either way I’m not going this week because of my hair—it needs to be cut before I’m going any place gay.

Crystal Ball Vision: Two weeks from today, I will be in Prague, strolling across the Charles Bridge with MT.

Shoes: I need to go shoe shopping. I didn’t go today, so this is a Saturday thing. I am going to try to buy non-white shoes, like the Blonde Librarian.

Dinner: It’s cooking right now. I figure that I have just enough time if I stop writing right now to post this, complete with accurate links, before eating.

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