May 2006



Today is 31 May, the last day to help Stop the War on Masturbation.

I have 2.5 hours left.

Get busy, for tomorrow I start the first annual wear used underwear month. More details on that later.


Today I: (a) walked across Weimar to hitch a ride to Jena, stopping for coffee on the way; (b) attended a presentation where my mobile rang, thus embarrassing me and interrupting the lecture; (c) carried a bicycle back to Weimar on the train—an awkward and annoying thing to do, plus I ended up walking the […]

Short Term Plans

In the next week and a half:

Thursday: I am going to successfully avoid being interviewed for an Indiana television station.

Friday: An overnight trip to Leipzig. I’m going dancing at the G-Garage.

Saturday: Recover from Friday night.

Monday: Last legal holiday in Germany until 3 October. It’s the Pentecost.

Next Wednesday: Travel to Frankfurt, […]

Foreigners Attacked in Weimar

Notice: Please keep discussion on this post focused and on subject. I will have a low tolerance for flippant remarks on this subject.

Weimar has officially joined the list of places I’ve lived where hate crimes have taken place in the last decade. Laramie and Matthew Shepard, Bloomington and Won-Joon Yoon. Denver has probably had […]

Weimar Heute Abend

Weimar Fashion Show

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J. observed over on Germany Doesn’t Suck, that four day weekends in Germany seem to be extremely accurate predictors for rainy weather.

This is sadly true for Weimar, although I started out today by taking a couple hour walk of parts that I had never seen […]

The Old Home

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Election Eve

SPD: Jena Rally 15.08.05

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Now that the day of drunkenness is almost over, it’s time to look forward to the next major event in Weimar, which happens to be tomorrow.

The Queen of Germany Election, 2006, is being held tomorrow (May 26) night right here in Weimar at the […]

Religious Kegger

Happy father’s day – by Durex

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I never really thought that my oblique reference to Thursday being a religious holiday where a lot of beer is consumed in the woods to raise so many questions—namely what religious holiday inspires a kegger in the woods.

For those of you who […]

Happy Tuesday!

Anaconda Bridge

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The weather cooled off significantly today, and I… well I went to the grocery store this evening and I was in an odd shopping mood—I bought a can of strawberries, some sliced watermelon, a can of corn, steak-cut French fries, and some other unusual stuff.

I’m really […]



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Ah… it’s most of the way through Masturbation Month, and I’m happy to announce, that aside from those chaste days with MT, I’ve been doing my part.

And no, I didn’t model for the graffiti that I found here in Weimar—I just found it amusing that the graffiti […]