May 2006


Bag O’Crap

Rodina Mat

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It’s easy to tell that summer solstice is fast approaching. At 9pm it is fairly light out—a far cry from a few months ago when the sun set a few minutes after it rose.

Anyhow, I’ve managed to learn a number of interesting thing off of the Internets, and no, I did not forget Poland, nothing worth talking about happened there.

First off, I have been at a loss for words, for according to B., over at Eurotrippen, I am “intelligent, well read, snarky enough to keep it interesting.” I’ve wanted to comment upon this since 04:30, when I was having a brief period of insomnia, but I’m still feeling somewhat taken aback and flattered—after all her blog is usually all B., all of the time (save for when hunky Jim posts about the Big Titties Car Wash).

After getting back home last night I uploaded a large number of photos to my Flickr account. For some reason I decided to look at my most viewed Flickr photos and I noticed that the attached photo had suddenly shot up in the number of views—now it is in third place with well over 1,000 views, fast approaching 1,111 views, and it might give my top two photos a run for their money—yes, both the BMXer in Madrid and the Trance Dancer in Erfurt. Thankfully somebody clued me in—the photo was linked to by Google Sightseeing, a rather cool blog that I hadn’t seen before. (Mother Motherland, Kiev entry permalink).

With the World Cup fast approaching, Germans have caught the fever and product tie-ins are for sale everywhere, some of which are obviously not “officially licensed.” Take, for instance, the special deal awaiting virgins in Berlin: specially trained whores will take virginal men and ensure their innocence is completely gone.

Before I forget, a few of my d°poL photos caught the attention of the Jet City Orange, who has a website dedicated to Barcode Tattoos and Barcode Art. Photos of barcode hair have now been posted to his site, two on the first page, and, if you feel like clicking next, a couple on the next page.

3 comments to Bag O’Crap

  • Hi, I saw your introduction on the expat blog forum, I lived in Gera from 2000-2001 as a language assistant. Nice to see a Thueringen blog!

  • Ed

    I read at USAtoday.com that a German man seeks to become the father to 1000 children. Adam, that isn’t you is it? Actually it says the guy is taking advantage of a 1998 law that allows any man to claim any child that has no father listed in the birth records. Is that guy crazy? How much will it cost to provide for 1000 children until they are out of college? I found the story both fascinating and bewildering. I get nervous around one child, a thousand of them would be a nightmare!

  • There must be a limit on liablity here in Germany, but I have no idea how it works.

    Paying for college, though, is not usually an issue.