May 2006


Trip bound!

Prague’s Peach Pit

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Today’s been really good day…

I was incredibly productive, and I’m pleased to say the productivity included getting a desperately needed haircut. My head feels a whole lot better—and, I might add, it looks a whole lot better.

I would discuss the real productive part, but I try to avoid boring blog readers by describing work—because, well, it is not fun and interesting.

Now, unlike MT, I am behind on my trip planning. I still need to pack, although I’ve already selected all my underwear—and none of it was bought used, although most of it has seriously been used by now. I also need to make sure that everything fits in the suitcase, as nearly everything is going in the suitcase until we get to Prague when weight will get shifted around, some of it landing in my backpack, thus ensuring I’m not overweight for skyEurope Saturday morning.

On the Totally Cool Front, it looks like we might have an 8 minute blogger meet-up at Dresden Neustadt Bahnhof with B. It will be very nice, albeit brief.

Tomorrow I must make my way over to the office in Jena for a morning meeting—which should be interesting. After that I’ll probably return to Weimar to work at Café Laden—the unofficial Weimar Branch Office.

8 comments to Trip bound!

  • ChrisC

    Beverly Hills 90210 isn’t playing in Prague is it? I should be embarassed to know that the name Peach Pit comes from that. *blush*

  • I assume the bar is still there (I took this photo last summer), and it absolutely positively was named in honor of 90210.

  • I was checking Prague as my summer destination but I am still thinking coz Madrid sounds nice or Tuscany

  • Charles, I cannot speak about Tuscany, but let me say something about Madrid in the summer: Hot. Very Hot.

    I was there last July, and I wouldn’t go to Madrid in July again. I’m thinking October or April would be nicer. Maybe even May, but June/July/August and September are out of the question.

    Now for Prague: I adore Prague. I hightly recommend Prague–there’s a lot to do, the city is a manageable size, and the gay scene is pretty decent.

  • thanks for the advice adam!

  • A red haired mystery guest has arrived in GSO to embark on a national week-long journey around the USA with me.

    Click on my name to see more.

  • Hi Charles,

    Tuscany is beautiful, sun shine and good food is guaranteed and if you stay by the sea it won’t get as hot as Madrid. You can still do some day trips to Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano… The country side is wonderful! Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Have fun planning!

    And Adam,

    have a great trip throughout Europe. I’m waiting for your stories.


  • hi Annie. Thank you very much for the advice. Since I was really thinking of travelling to Tuscany after seeing the moview under the Tuscan Sun. I fell inlove with it!