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Ah… it’s most of the way through Masturbation Month, and I’m happy to announce, that aside from those chaste days with MT, I’ve been doing my part.

And no, I didn’t model for the graffiti that I found here in Weimar—I just found it amusing that the graffiti was easily viewable—three different examples of this on the same building, and all of them looked somewhat aged—nobody has bothered to remove it.

The weather here in Weimar has been pretty overcast the past few days. As I noted before, Saturday night we had a downpour, and this afternoon we had a brief thunderstorm while I was downtown picking up something for the house up. The side effect of the thunderstorm: I popped into a store and picked up a new ESPRIT shirt for 5€. Rumor has it that tomorrow the temperature is going to drop—and I cannot say I really object.

Anyhow, in my daily walks, I am wandering Weimar looking for dipol graffiti, and I’ve found quite a bit. You can see it in my Flickr dipol set, organized by stencil and design, so it can get a bit repetitive if you do the slide show in order. I’d look through the set and pop into specific pictures that you want to see. He’s really good at hiding his tag in some images—in a few the “dipoL” is hidden in men’s ties.

I’ve also see a few things that I imagine would never make it in the United States. I’ve seen this advertisement promoting fitness at heavily trafficked corners around town.

Get Fit!

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  • ChrisC

    You’re absolutely correct, that ad wouldn’t fly in the US. If someone put that out suddenly the Christian “right” would be up in arms because they saw a butt.

    It amazes me that they seem so offended by seeing what God created.