May 2006


Happy Tuesday!

Anaconda Bridge

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The weather cooled off significantly today, and I… well I went to the grocery store this evening and I was in an odd shopping mood—I bought a can of strawberries, some sliced watermelon, a can of corn, steak-cut French fries, and some other unusual stuff.

I’m really not sure why, to be honest. I popped over there to pick up some veggies and supplies for the long holiday weekend (Thursday everything will be closed, Friday and Saturday should be relatively normal), since tomorrow I am taking a relatively well known award winning regional television reporter from Indiana, and his family, out to dinner. I’d say who, but quite frankly, he deserves some privacy, and anybody who’s ever worked for a TV station with the call letters WPIG deserves it.

(And No, I will not be on television. I refuse.)

Despite the impending holiday on Thursday, I fully intend on working at home: since I am neither religious, nor interested in drinking a keg of beer out in the countryside, this seems like the most practical and safest thing to do—although if I wake early, I might head out and take some photos of the country side before the beer barrels start sprouting.

And gosh, I am rambling.

I’ve finished uploading my pictures from Prague, and I’ve started uploading pictures from The Netherlands. Check out my Flickr pages if you have time.

4 comments to Happy Tuesday!

  • MT

    Religion + Kegger? What holiday is that? Inquiring minds want to know.

    BTW, I also bought odd things at the grocery store: snap peas, brie, spinach, and baby portobellas for starters. You can tell Gary was not home for dinner – that’s just not his kind of salad.

    Oh, and I bought two bottles of wine. Didn’t drink them. Just bought them.

  • same comments as MT. what religion? according to my simpson’s calendar tomorrow is bulgarian culture day, thursday is carpet day in turkmenistan, friday is northwest folklife festival in seattle-(imagine all the smelly hippies!), and saturday is international jazz day. do they celebrate labor day in EU?

    i’m gonna be working this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Ascension Day and commemorates the ascension of jesus to heaven after that whole crucifixion & resurrection thing…

    I’m told it’s also the unofficial father’s day. Men in general (especially fathers & sons) are expected to go out, get drunk & cause havoc in the streets.

    Heh… nothing like jesus’ return to heaven to tie one on.

  • B.

    Damn, anon was me… adam, loved the pictures. I can’t wait to hit Prague this weekend!