May 2006


Weimar Heute Abend

Weimar Fashion Show

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J. observed over on Germany Doesn’t Suck, that four day weekends in Germany seem to be extremely accurate predictors for rainy weather.

This is sadly true for Weimar, although I started out today by taking a couple hour walk of parts that I had never seen before—all of which were surprisingly dipol graffiti free! I was surprised not to see any until I approached the center of town.

As I noted yesterday, today is a long shopping night, but I decided against going to the Queen of Germany election because of the rain—as much fun as watching young ladies wearing ill-fitting and poorly chosen dresses can be, the idea of walking 20 minutes through a steady drizzle managed to dampen my spirits.

Instead you’ll have to make do with a snap or two of the fashion show they held in the late afternoon before it got dark, but whilst it was raining. (I had to buy an umbrella today; I foolishly left mine at home!)

In other random news, I started participating in Photo Friday this week—the theme this week is “Home” – and I found an awesome photo in my Flickr account. Observant Weimar train riders probably know the house immediately.

Also, Bloomington’s been on my mind (perhaps because of the impending trip). Things I am looking forward to: eating Greek’s Pizza, sweet potato fries at Roots, French toast at Wee Willies, Blue Suede Shoes fruit smoothie at soma, and… well, I hadn’t realized how food-centric all my wants are, at least vis-a-vie Bloomington. At least due to an accidentally stupid mistake on my part, I will only be two blocks from two gay bars, both of which will be smoke free!

5 comments to Weimar Heute Abend

  • Ed

    update: Ladymans was closed due to an Arson fire for a couple of weeks but is open now. Wee Willies had a fire just this week but were only closed a day and a half. I hope the catch the arsonist before somebody gets hurt or real damage is done that causes one of the traditional places to close for good. I don’t know when you will be there but I’ll try to keep you posted if anything else happens.

  • You are absolutely right. The clothes matches the gloomy weather. The lady in black looks like she guzzled up a whole bottle of laxatives

  • My Bloomington favourites also include Malibu Grill, the Bakehouse, and Bloomington Bagel Co. I concur that Soma is the best independent coffee shop in the city. 🙂

  • MT

    Lucky us. Long weekend here = hotter than crap outside. Blah.

  • Arson in Bloomington at all the best local greasy spoons?! That’s terrible–Which Wee Willies? I’m fond of the one on Walnut, not the one in Ellettsville.