June 2006


Friday Night in Leipzig

Sorry about the silence today, but I had a long night last night.

The G-Garage in Leipzig was my destination—on the way there I had a cup of coffee from Café Laden, did not get my ticket inspected on the ICE, and then nearly followed a crowd of Goth-types to wherever they were going (it’s not that I like the Goth clothing look—I don’t—but male Goths tend to have incredibly awesome hair).

The night at the club was unremarkable—although I’m clearly a failure at flirting. At least three people caught my attention, and they returned it to some extent, but nothing happened. There were probably others as well. One of the ones who caught my eye was a younger guy wearing a Nirvana T-Shirt—despite his eye contact with me though, I did not pursue him: he was clearly a wee bit on the overly drunk side and he was giving his female friend tongue-based throat inspections.

Musically speaking it was interesting: I can only recall hearing one song in German, and it was one that everybody (else) knew the words to. Everything else was either in English or was Belgium’s catchy entry to the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. I recognized at least three (as I currently recall) entries from this year’s contest being played.

After the night of dancing I made my way to McDonald’s where I picked up my first Big Mac since… uh… a long time. I ate it on the train and enjoyed the 55 minute ride to Weimar, where I crawled into bed at 6:30 after a quick taxi ride and shower, although those last two events occurred sequentially, not simultaneously.

4 comments to Friday Night in Leipzig

  • mateo

    Adam, you DO know how to flirt, silly! All you have to do is tell the guy that you love his hair, and he’s all yours!!! Of course, you might not want him anymore after that! *mischievous grin*

  • Mateo, Thanks for the reminder about Bratislava.

    See you Friday!

  • i’ll admit it, i like the goth look, but i’m too old to carry it off. remember when goth people didn’t have hot topic? they had to wait until halloween was over and raid the costume make-up aisle and buy black fingernail polish.

    anyway, i’ve never seen you flirt so i have no idea what you say is true. i’m willing to wager a cold non-alcoholic beverage that it is not true. the thing i found most shocking…that you eat big macs. i haven’t had one since i was 14 or 15 years old. i do get the hankering for chix mc nuggets every now and then.

  • I like Big Macs–not very often though. I have to say that after a night of dancing, it hit the spot. I would have prefered a döner, but none of the döner shops were open, so McD it was.

    One of the virtues of ordering a Big Mac in Germany is that they are not very popular, so one gets a fresh one. That makes a huge difference–I’ve had hamburgers that have sat around awhile and been disgusted.