June 2006



It’s that time of year, again.

Today the sun rose at 05:04 and set at 21:23.

But, as you know, these are strict definitions sunrise and sunset. In reality, at 22:00, there is still quite a bit of light out, and the sun makes itself known long before the official rising moment—when I left the club at 4:30 Saturday morning, it was clear that light was on the way.

As somebody who reacts to the presence of light, it’s hard to sleep late at this time of year. During the past week I’ve been waking quite regularly at 6—and Saturday I had the shades drawn and the window shut to help encourage sleeping late (and I would have slept all day, but somebody, whose name will remain anonymous, SMSed me at 11:15.)..

I can’t say I’m a fan of the dark winter, but I’m not a fan of the short nights either.

It must be nice, save for the heat, to live along the equator.

6 comments to Sunset/rise

  • IUMike

    To help sleep in late, I recommend a sleep mask and a fan (to create white noise). Both work like a charm for me.

  • koko

    I’ll second Mike’s comment about the fan…I like the blowing air and noise it makes. However, I cannot comment on a sleep mask…that seems fruity. Then again, Mike also has spare socks next to his bed…
    *makes scared face & hides behind mateo*

  • ChrisC

    A sleep mask is probably better than the extra pillow I use to block the light. The extra pillow makes for some pretty nasty bed-head.

  • anything that makes my face sweat (e.g. sleep mask) is probably not a good idea.

    The fan might be good when its hot, but the only noise to wake me would wake me regardless of a fan: say construction workers or my mobile phone going off.

  • at least my room looks dark since I have this pull down blinds and they work effectively!

  • B.

    We love to go walking after dark… last night we got out at 22:30 and the sky was still a little light. Soon our moonlight strolls will need to be at 1:00 a.m.

    And yes, the sun starts rising around 4:00. Ugh.