June 2006


Happy Holiday!

Today was the last legal holiday in my part of Germany until October.

It was, despite the general over-cast and chilly nature, a perfectly good day to work at the coffee shop – which I did for four hours.

After that I was fried – I started cleaning my house and getting ready to pack, for I leave Wednesday for Frankfurt, and fly on Thursday to Bloomington.

It will be nice to be back in the land of the greenback, even if it is only for three nights.

5 comments to Happy Holiday!

  • B.

    I’m hating the no time off until October thing… have a safe & productive trip!

  • ChrisC

    We have some pretty large gaps in the private sector in the US as well.

    Too bad you don’t have time to visit NC when you’re in the States… though it might be more fun if you visit after my kitchen re-model that I’m having priced right now.

  • when will the kitchen be done?

  • ChrisC

    I’m not sure when the kitchen will be done as I’m just now getting contractors in to look at the job. Then after they price it out, I want to see if they have previous customers willing to let me see what they did in their houses. Then I got to award the contract, and select a start date. I’m guessing a few months. Once they start it should only be a couple weeks to finish it.

    Oh as far as your “…back in the land of the greenback…” comment, US currency is getting less green these days. The new $20 bill is kind of yellowish and the new $10 bill is a bit tan with red highlights. I have not seen one, but I hear the new $50 is red, white, and blue.

    I keep hoping we’ll abolish the $1 bill, but I don’t think that will happen as long as we still have titty bars.

  • who knows what lays in my travelling future. More than I am willing to say here, that’s for sure.