June 2006



I’m in Frankfurt tonight, here in order to catch my flight to America tomorrow morning.

Frankfurt is, on the whole, as far as I can tell, a pretty ugly city. There’s not much going for it.

However, I did enjoy my trip to the the intricate carvings at the Sculpture Museum, and I picked up a couple pair of American Apparel underwear.

The underwear is new, and should I get around to it, I will talk about the beatiful sculptures I saw at the museum when I can. Although the minibar (warm) is free, the wifi is not, so all my planned writings are locked safely away on the old laptop.

7 comments to Frankfurt

  • John didn’t care much for Frankfurt when he visited; he considered it to be too business-oriented and lacking in character.

    Have a good trip to Indiana !

  • I havent been to Frankfurt though. Which is the nicest city in Germany so far Adam ?

  • MT

    What the hell is a warm minibar? Sounds … unrefreshing.

  • koko

    yay! i get to see you VERY soon! yay! i get to see you VERY soon! yay! i get to see you VERY soon! yay! i get to see you VERY soon!

  • mateo

    Gee, koko, I thought you weren’t Adam’s friend anymore after all the unpleasant things he has posted to make you squirm! I guess you are the true defintion of a friend-someone who knows who you are and likes you anyway!!! Heh. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Adam!!

  • Charles, Leipzig is by far the nicest city I’ve found in Germany, so far. It has many beautiful buildings, a walkable core, and seems to be vibrant.

  • thanks for the infor dear Adam