June 2006


Rex Will Be Scared

Dear Abby: I have reason to believe that a young man in my family may be gay. (He is 15.) I have been thinking a lot about it lately, and have been wondering if circumcision would cure it. What do you think? GRANDMOTHER IN MISSOURI

Since Rex is a fan of circumcision, I imagine that if Grandma’s desired cure for homosexuality worked, he would be one depressed man.

(9 June 06)

10 comments to Rex Will Be Scared

  • Ed

    I read that this morning too. Who would think in the year 2006, after being told by countless professionals, that homosexuality needs to be cured? But to be cured by having the foreskin cut off? Please! I am glad the columnist listed a group of Jewish men who are both cut and gay.

  • ChrisC


  • IUMike

    All I can say is, it didn’t work for me. Nor for most of the men that I’ve been with.

  • I am cut and I am still gay. lol

  • MT

    I wonder if the grandmother would wish the same treatment on her granddaugher if she was a lesbian? The whole idea of female circumcision makes me cringe. Eeek!

  • mateo

    I was going to comment, but instead I think I will just head home, shaking my head at the crazy people in this world.

  • Ed

    Also in todays paper: All children to be vaccinated with a soon to be available vaccine that will help prevent cervical cancer. ALL Children, isn’t that being a bit presumptious? The males need the vaccine too because they can transfer the virus to the female during intercourse. I have never transfered anything to a female during intercourse and think I object to having them assume every boy is going to grow up to infect the female gender.

  • What was the reply to the senile ole’ grandmother?

  • Ed

    Grandmother was told tht there is no cure and that the family would just have to accept him as he is. Way to go Abby!

  • ricky

    This is an empircal question, and should not be dismissed out of hand, but rather subject to scientific study (government grant?). The anecdotal reports posted here are not scientifically significant. I actually think it is quite likely that uncircumcised men and boys are more likely to engage in same-sex relations than circumcised ones, as uncut men are more likely to come from cultures with fewer sexual hang-ups that may inhibit sexual expression in all forms. The pederastic Greeks of antiquity did not circumcise. The Jews, who introduced homosexual-negative values to the West, defined themselves largely by circumcision (it self a form of symbolic castration). The circumcision craze in the United States developed in the early to mid 20th century in an effort to stop masturbation.