June 2006


Chicken Noodle Soup for…

I was mighty depressed this morning when poking around my pantry looking for chicken noodle soup—I would have sworn I had at least one can left over, and it was what I needed to combat my current cold, which knocked me flat out last night: my head was on fire while my feet were stuck in a glacier.

Happily after deciding to make a packet of mushroom sauce pasta, I realized that there was another can of chicken noodle soup hidden back there and my morning brightened considerably.

It was a perfect recovery: I knew it because I immediately started craving one of the more disgusting foods on the planet, a Whopper with Cheese, no tomato.

Three of them actually.

So late in the afternoon, I wandered off to the Weimar Burger King where I ordered up three of these disgusting fat laden things. Surprisingly, they are rather expensive: 10,05€ for three.

It was pleasant out so I got them to go, and wandered a few steps down to Theatreplatz where some kind of festival was underway. I sat on a bench eating my Whoppers and wondering if the hot guy in the wheel chair realized how cute he was sitting there shirtless.

Of course, I imagine I was the paradigm of perfection, sitting there looking miserable as I devoured three Whoppers with Cheese—although I never really finished the third one, for suddenly my whopper of a craving for Whoppers was satiated.

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