June 2006


Go. Team.

You WILL Support the Team

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So I am no fool, I do know that there is a little soccer tournament ongoing here in Germany.

However, I give it the due attention it deserves along side of other insignificant sporting events like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the NBA, or in other words, as little as possible.

Tonight, at 5, I thought to call a friend and ask, “When does Germany play its next game?”

It seems that the answer was, tonight at 9 (as I am posting this entry), which suddenly explained why Weimar looked a lot like Bloomington just before an IU (American) football game: cars driving by with German flags, flags hanging from windows, televisions set up ready to carry the game live, morons running around shouting pro-Germany chants.

Mind you, this is the first time I’ve witness anything resembling patriotism here in Germany: usually the citizens are much more reserved, mindful that the last time anybody got excessively patriotic in Germany, it was a total disaster.

Now, for the amusement of everybody who actually cares, this is everything I know about this year’s World Cup: It’s in Germany at 12 different stadiums. England’s fans are obnoxious and like to chant about World War II, plus they know how to do the goose-step and the Nazi salute because its taught in British schools—German students don’t learn this in school. England has two hot players: David Beckham (I knew him from before—he’s a gay icon and metrosexual male) and Wayne Roony (spelling??). Wayne is a hot guy, but his foot is injured from doing something. Japan and Australia are in the tournament—I saw their fans at the Frankfurt train station. So is the USA—which lost to the Czech Republic. I got an SMS telling me that I would find Spain’s #9 cute, but I haven’t looked him up yet—I don’t know his name or anything about him, other than the fact he’s male. Dutch and British police have been brought in to assist German police in controlling Dutch and British fans, plus, presumably, other fans. Some team’s coach quit over money, thus proving that this sport isn’t done for love.

Meanwhile, I suppose I could look it up, but who is Germany playing tonight?

5 comments to Go. Team.

  • ChrisC

    What if I don’t want to support the team?

    What are you going to do about it?

  • The World Cup is a huge deal here, and I dare say that it’s probably drawing more viewership in Vancouver than the Stanley Cup finals. TVs in cafes, restaurants, and public spaces are all tuned to the matches, fans seem mesmerized, and yesterday morning I observed a group of Korean students walking down the sidewalk and cheering their team. Even the break room television in my office has been commandeered by World Cup fans, and I’ve been challenged to identify the team I’m rooting for. 🙂

  • ChrisC: You’ll be wearing leather…

    Jerry- Is Canada in the World Cup? I don’t remember seeing canada mentioned, but there are 32 teams and I only know Germany, USA, Poland, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, England, and Spain–off the top of my head. I guess you’ve added Korea. The Netherlands is likely too… I mean there are Dutch police here.

  • Canada is *not* in the World Cup, but people have chosen allegiances to various teams (Brazil, Italy, etc). The owner of one of my favourite downtown Italian cafés hails from Rome and he has supplied his entire staff with Italian jerseys. On the other hand I know someone who is supporting Brazil simply because he likes the team.

    I simply can’t recall this level of enthusiasm for football/soccer during past World Cup tournaments that occured when I resided in the US!

  • koko

    I’ve always been a fan. I remember when I was a kid in Germany, Hanuta used to have stickers in them of each player. And you had to collect them to get all the players, I didn’t mind so much because I love eating insane amounts of hanutas! I always had them all over my lunch box…nobody understood me in the US. Now, Duplo has taken over the team stickers and I’ve got them this year!! WooOOOt! I also adore eating duplo! woohoo me 🙂

    too bad I don’t have my lunch box anymore—i could show my 1986 team spirit!