June 2006


Hoosier Trip Summary

Road Warning

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So, I never really talked that much about my trip to Bloomington. The first two nights I was really busy, and the last night I was ill, then on the way back on the plane, the screw came out of my glasses and I wasn’t able to fix the glasses until I got home because there were no screwdrivers on the plane – thanks to 9/11. (I’m sure a terrorist would successfully take over a plane with a tiny screwdriver, but what do I know.)

Anyhow, Bloomington was a fiesta of favorite foods: An hour after arriving, I enjoyed a House Pizza from Greek’s Pizza. The next morning I stopped by Wee Willies where my favorite waitress harassed me and the French Toast was superb. Friday night I had dinner with a number of friends at Roots, Bloomington’s first vegetarian restaurant. Although the quality of friends was fantastic, the food at Roots has fared worse: they’ve stopped selling beer, and the menu doesn’t always accurate list what your options are—something I suddenly remembered from my last trip there last December. I need to strike them from my list.

Saturday morning I thought the jetlag was almost over, but had second thoughts when I needed to take a mid-afternoon nap. In retrospect, I think my afternoon exhaustion was due to the cold kicking into gear. Pretty much the only thing I did accomplish Saturday was a trip to Barnes and Noble, where I couldn’t find the Lonely Planet book I wanted—so I special ordered it. A few colleagues and I did do a tour of the area in the late afternoon, including a trip by Lake Monroe. In the evening, I went to a party, and then off to see the third X-Men film, and as I already noted, instead of going out, I enjoyed a hot shower at the hotel.

Naturally the longest lasting effect of the trip is something I’d kind of forgotten about until I got to the office Wednesday morning: my hair. I got highlights and they are substantial. People who had not already seen me with the highlights were surprised—including the baristas at the coffee shop.

4 comments to Hoosier Trip Summary

  • Ed

    Where did you get your highlights? Could it be Mondo, world class salon? Sounds like a good time overall. Could a picture of new look be posted?

  • I go to Be Hair Now…

    The photo will come later, once I am feeling better. Right now, while I feel like crap, I am not messing with fixing up my hair.

  • Ed

    My Uncle and Aunt visited Indiana last week. They both got sick and my Aunt Ruby had to enter the hospital for 3 days. Several people here are sick to their stomachs and have kidney infections. I think something is going around. Maybe something in the water. I am not sure what your symptoms are. If you caught something here in Indiana I am sorry we didn’t mean to mistreat you. Wishing you to get better soon.

  • Ed

    No, I read your new blog each day Chris. What do you mean all your…oh Sorry…I feel like such a fool.