June 2006


Pregnant Hos!

It’s one of those extra special artistic weekends here in Weimar—ranging from a special art installation of fishing rods called “Void and Beyond” around Weimar to pregnant hos.

What you ask?

Pregnant Hos?

Yup! As I was on my way to the Weimar Office, I was crossing the street, waiting along with a few people for the little man to say walk (and trust me, in Germany, you wait or you get glared at), when I realized that there were 10-15 pregnant women working the intersection.

Some of the women looked like they weren’t just trying to earn rent, they were about to give birth right there on the corner!

I’d never realized that Weimar had a whore problem—in fact, I can’t recall ever having seen working girls before. Although, to be honest, I’m usually pretty oblivious to working girls. Working boys on the other hand….

Of course, it was a living art installation, as was evidenced by the five photographers and videographers who were busy recording the glamorous girls. I restrained my urge to try and buy one of the girls.

Beyond That I’m happy to report that my cold is almost over, and it appears my drippy nose has rid itself of the cold. Unhappily its been replaced with allergies, and it’s still dripping

1 comment to Pregnant Hos!

  • pregnant hos still working is quite dangerous for the baby. But I guess they don’t take that kind of consideration since they need the money. but still….