June 2006


My Day

Today wasn’t the greatest day: The laptop’s motherboard died.

Fortunately I had backed up the data last night, so I have what I need. Hopefully the computer will be fixed by Thursday afternoon. As it is, the computer breaking has set me a day behind and may cost me the time I had allotted Friday and Saturday to a cultural thing here in Weimar.

In other sad news, condensation started appearing inside my watch yesterday. I can only assume that this is prelude to death—something that I hope doesn’t happen before I get back to the land of Indiglo Timex Watches.

So now I should be working, but I’m not really in the mood—it’s hot and steamy out (much like Bloomington), an the German public is going a bit crazy today—something about another one of those “fußball” matches, or something.

But on a happier note, I’ve decided to have a party on Sunday, July 2nd, in Bloomington, and my readers are invited. Normally I would do this via email, but my email address book is locked up on a hard-drive in my laptop that had a dead motherboard, so I am issuing an invite here. Email me and tell me you are coming, it’s at the usual place.

7 comments to My Day

  • MT

    Hmmm … it must be the summer of dying computers. Your laptop really wasn’t that old though. Is is under warranty?

  • There were mitigating issues, it wasn’t that new, but it is under warrenty.

    Hopefully I will get it back before I leave.

  • caféladen_chicago_anki

    hi there, i don’t know how else to reach you, since i have gotten only this webadress. i just wanted to let you know, that i’ll be dropping of the promised mixed and filled up music cd for you at the caféladen by tomorrow morning. so, i don’t know if you are still around to pick it up, but nevertheless it’ll be there for you from tomorrow on. just ask the girls, who ever is there for a cd from anki and they will give it to you. enjoy the day.
    bye anki

  • koko

    *sigh* I really hope I will be back in town for your partay. I will certainly try tho 🙂

  • I can’t make it to the party, but I hope you have a good time. 🙂

  • koko–I hope you make it back in time.

    Jerry–I’m shocked that you’re not making the trip. Absolutely shocked.

  • mateo

    Hey Adam….

    my watch is dying as well, do you think we should bury them and hold a ceremony when you get back to Btown?