June 2006



So the laptop malfunction has set me back, but fortunately I had backed up the critical files for my current project, and I am able to work on another computer.

Today found me back at the Weimar Office, where one of the baristas gave me a lovely CD, and I worked for five hours before my brain turned to mush and I headed home, a record as usually I last no more than four hours before wanting to scream.

The great thing about working everyday in the same spot at a coffee shop is that one begins to recognize the regulars. For instance, I readily recognize the DPD delivery driver. He looks like he’s in his mid-twenties and is wearing the DPD summer uniform which consists of a red shirt and black shorts with red trim. The uniform looks really good on him and is accented with a barcode on the back of his neck.

Which remind me, the Barcode Boy at the supermarket vanished without a trace, that’s why I haven’t mentioned him in a long time.

The DPD delivery guy is by far the cutest out of the delivery drivers I’ve seen delivering packages to the office. UPS and DHL are not that attractive at all, and I cannot recall having seen a FedEx driver pop into the coffee shop.

Beyond delivery drivers, there is a dark skinned muscular guy with a little goatee who I’m starting to think is gay. Today he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Junk” and had a little crown to the right of the word, presumably generating the word “Junk Queen.” A couple days ago he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Angry,” and was intentionally torn in some interesting places. Plus he wears pants or shorts that look really good on him. My gaydar didn’t go off on him at first, but after analyzing his clothing, I can only proclaim him to be a member of the family.

Plus there are other random cute people who provide momentary distractions from my work, I’ll look up and see some guy who causes me to consider stopping what I’m working on and start following him around like some lost little puppy dog.

Of course, I get so absorbed in my work that sometimes I fail to notice that the coffee shop is busy until I look up, or that somebody I know has entered. Just on Monday somebody who I know reasonably well popped into the coffee shop and said hi to me. I must have stared at her for a good 15 seconds before the synapses in my brain made the connection, and I was finally able to utter the phrase, “Hi Maria!”

Upon getting home from the coffee shop today, I started packing and getting ready for my upcoming trip. Packing for this trip is more than packing my small roll-aboard, I must pack everything away since my flat is going to be used by other people. I’ve managed to put away the vast majority of my winter clothing, and have only a few more things to go before leaving on Saturday.

I’m hopeful that I can manage to make it to at least some of the cultural thing happening on Friday and Saturday, although the computer problems did set me behind by at least a day, more likely two. I’m scheduled to take a late afternoon train to Frankfurt, spend the night and then fly on my usual flight to the States.

Funny enough I’ll overlap at the Frankfurt airport with a close friend, but only for 15 minutes. I’ll be departing, she’ll be arriving, much like two ships in the night.

6 comments to Progress

  • MT

    Ah, the joy of packing. I just hope that your suitcase doesn’t break in the airport like mine did. LOL.

    Remember: Ritter Sport! Ritter Sport! Hazelnuts! 😉

  • ChrisC

    I wish I had something for my gaydar to go off on. Meh, I’ll be in San Francisco on Saturday so that should be enough eye candy to last me a while.

  • koko

    if mt gets chocolate so should i. i am not a huge fan of ritter sport…though I guess it is ok.

    i will give you monies for duplo!!!

  • My suitcase space is very limited, especially with the chocolate that’s already taking up space. However, after I repack tomorrow, if I have space and time I will try to grab some duplo.

  • MT

    What in the world is Duplo?

  • I think it is some kind of chocolate. I noticed it for sale somewhere yesterday.