June 2006


Drudgery, of sorts.

Today was the day I was supposed to renew my residency visa, but… well, the office computer was broken, and I couldn’t be registered anew. I need to do it this week as I’m leaving Sunday, so tomorrow is my last chance. I’m planning on being there at 9 o’clock sharp, when the office opens.

The whole process took over an hour before it couldn’t go any further.

After that I went to Jena where I did a quick office cleaning, and then picked up my laptop—a new machine with the old hard drive. After a quick 3pm meeting, I caught the 3:50 train to Weimar.

The jokers at Deutsch Bahn sent a one wagon train, and I, realizing what was going to happen, hopped on the train and walked directly across to stand in the opposite door so that I wouldn’t get trapped behind everybody and their bicycles. It was a long uncomfortable 20 minute ride, but at least when the train pulled into Weimar, I was able to open the door and leap quickly to my freedom.

Unfortunately I had to stop and pick up a train ticket from a machine, and that took a few minutes.

Feeling lazy I decided to catch the bus from the train station down to Goetheplatz. Unfortunately the bus I chose got stuck in a monumental traffic jam and it took longer to take the bus to the city center than it would have to taken to walk the distance.

I was able to work for a few minutes, but the second I paused to start listening to music, my mobile rang, and I got involved in a conversation.

Sadly I couldn’t keep on going. I was done.

Hopefully the visa is issued quickly tomorrow. I need something to go my way.

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