July 2006


It’s the Fourth!

Independence Day Parade!

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Happy Fourth of July to all of my readers, regardless of where you are on the planet, although as I write this, it’s past midnight in Germany.

Today has been a quiet day, I started out by sleeping in, but only because I was up half the night. In the afternoon I picked up a copy of the current Economist and grabbed a burger at Nicks, where I got to see my friend Danny. I hung out in the back room until it started to fill up with soccer fans and I headed out to see the parade with a couple of friends.

It was quite a long parade. It took well over an hour for the parade to pass by our vantage point on College Avenue, right in front of the jail. There were the typical components of a parade: police cars with sirens, fire trucks with sirens, and politicians on motocycles. Naturally there were the things that made it Bloomington: The solar bike club, the Human Rights Commission, and the brick selling business.

Later I’ll be off to see fireworks with my friends—thus completing a very American holiday.

9 comments to It’s the Fourth!

  • Ed

    A student in my Trig class at Ivy Tech, Brad said he can’t go to the Bloomington Parade because he took his children a couple of years ago and they had weird people of a certain orientation, that’s how he said it. Then he said to me, There is nothing wrong with them but they shouldn’t flaunt it out in public. I sat there biting my lip and thinking just what would happen to your little tykes if they are exposed to such wicked diversity? It just might turn them gay? I mean he lives in Bloomington the gay mecca of the mid-west for christ sakes.

  • MT

    Ah, I miss Bloomington. {Sniff} Down here, I am an isolated liberal college professor. Maybe I should paint myself blue and wear a hat shaped like New York State?

  • Ed–That’s amazing. I was exposed to a Christian group today, but I didn’t suddenly turn Christian. Nor did the fire department float turn me into a fireman, and the Republican floats didn’t turn me into a Republican.

    There wasn’t actually a gay float this year, though.

    MT- Are you a contestant in Drop Dead Gorgeous?

  • MT

    LOL. Uhh, no, but that was a great film.

    I completely misread the first line in your comment. I thought it said that you EXPOSED yourself to a Christian group. 😉

  • Ed

    If Adam exposed himself it would have been to the Firemen!

  • koko

    i stalked adam at the jiffy treet after the fireworks 😉 you forgot to mention that 🙂

  • mateo

    Koko…after you stalked Adam, did you open your trenchcoat and expose yourself to him?

  • I need a trenchcoat.

    Koko refused to share her boyfriend again. Very sad.

  • koko

    I think adam would be very sad if i exposed myself to him…

    and don’t lie adam-bom…boy also refused to share himself 🙂