July 2006




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Both yesterday and today I had to work in the morning, finishing off something that I thought had been killed earlier. After finishing today’s work off, I headed off to meet Nome of The World According to Nome for lunch.

Nome is an incredibly lucky girl—she lives in one of the most fantastic places in the world—right next to Granville bridge and next to the entrance to the Granville Island Market and all of its fantastic offerings.

Our first stop on the island was at a Canada Post (or Postes Canada) office where I picked up some stamps for my postcards that I am sending off. Postcards to Europe cost a whopping $1.49 (Canadian), which means it is more expensive than the 1€ demanded by Germany. The highlight of the visit was the next customer after me, obviously an American who, after buying stamps, asked “Where do I put the stamp?”

We then had a rather leisurely lunch at Sandbar, a seafood restaurant, located on the island—and by leisurely I mean that we were there for over two hours before we finally paid up and made our way to the sorbet shop and then enjoyed the market for what it was.

Eventually we parted and I headed back to downtown Vancouver via the Aquabus, a ferry system that crisscrosses False Creek. Once I was downtown I wandered down along the coast making my way past people enjoying the sunshine.

I paused to consult a sign at the park that would tell me where all the paths went when I overheard a couple talking next to me:

Woman: Where should we walk today?

Man: Lover’s Trail?

Woman: We’re not lovers.

Man: But we sleep together.

Woman: That’s right.

Man: So we’re fuckers?

I should have followed them, but I allowed them their privacy, whichever trail they took.

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