July 2006


Visiting the Cynical Queer

Me in South Carolina!

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With my time dwindling in the USA, I decided it was time for a quick trip to see the Cynical Queer down in Greensboro for it had been way too long since I last saw him in person.

In fact, I’m not really sure when I saw him last—it must have been Eurovision in London three years ago, I think… not really sure.

We had a grand time touring Greensboro—it has few sidewalks, so most of it was by car. I was surprised to learn that the Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-Down Strike had taken place in Greensboro—I knew it had happened, but I always assumed it had happened somewhere else—actually I didn’t have any specific location for it in mind. We walked by the store, which is being converted into a museum (at a glacial pace) and the CQ was kind enough to snap my photo.

Civil Rights

We also popped down to South Carolina where we did only two things, stop at the welcome center where I posed with the South Carolina welcome sign, thus making South Carolina the 45th US State that I have visited. I have five more to go: West Virginia, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Alaska, and Hawaii. The other stop in South Carolina was a gas station.

Beyond that the trip was about seeing the Cynical Queer—I didn’t see anything beyond the Revolutionary War battlefield that suggested Greensboro is a tourist destination.

If you’re in his neck of the woods though, I suggest stopping by and saying hi.

3 comments to Visiting the Cynical Queer

  • Ed

    I would have guessed the Woolworth sit-down strike happened in Montgomery, Alabama or Little Rock, Arkansas. How is the Cynical Queer doing? I hope you lifted his spirits, he seems to be really down lately.

  • Ed – It’s another Prozac morning!

    I had a wonderful visit. Oh, and the answer to when the last time you saw me is – Jamestown, VA in Spring 2004.

  • Oh, and I noticed that on your state list you still need West Virginia and Rhode Island… oddly I’ve been to both those states in the same day – DRIVING.

    I’ve also seen/visited you in CA, WY, CO, IN, VA, NC, and SC.