August 2006


No putrid excuses!

Just recently I posted one of the “Mach’s Mit” advertisements that encourage youngsters to engage in safe sex. Little did it occur to me that I would have reason to revisit the subject so quickly.

I was driven bananas.

It started last Saturday when I stopped by the Tegut grocery store in Jena’s Goethe Gallery. […]

It’s almost midnight

…and I just got home.

That means two days in a row of sucky blog entries.

Tonight was fun though–I went out to dinner with colleagues to Jena’s vegetarian restaurant, Zapata’s. I had a nice mushroom risotto and two hefeweißen.


Today and Blogs

After a somewhat interesting and debatable presentation, I was glad to return to Weimar this evening.

I recommend everybody stop by “Tragically Hip or Closet Spinster?“–the new, more public, blog by Koko. I also recommend stopping by Barista Anki’s blog whilst she has escaped Weimar for Chicago–allerlandenlos, or, for those of you lacking appropriate German, […]

Weather / Wetter

For about the past week, Weimar has been unseasonably cold.

Right now it’s 13° out, with “gefühlt” of 11°C, or 51.8°F. Admittedly it’s 8pm and one expects it to cool off in the evening, but today’s high was forecast to be 18/64, with scattered showers (and there have been). Unfortunately today’s pretty much the nicest […]

Stupid Sunday

Today’s been a thrilling day—five loads of laundry, and I still have more to do. Don’t ask why I have so much to do, but seriously, most of it is not from my daily wear.

In the odd link department, I want to recommend “Stupid Porn,” (It should go, without saying, NSFW!) a website dedicated […]

Jena Today

This morning I headed over to Jena to meet some people from Armenia. It was a splendid meeting and I am still excited about my upcoming trip. The culture shock is going to be incredible though.

On my way back to the train station I managed to notice a vegetarian restaurant which prompted me to […]

Thanks for upholding the law!

Principal John Schalk Carmody Middle School 2050 S. Kipling Street Lakewood, CO 80227

Dear Principal Schalk,

As an American living in a foreign country, I felt compelled to write to you after hearing that you have successfully scared that seditious “teacher” Eric Hamlin out of your school.

It is most unfortunate that such a left […]

Photo Friday: Circle

The pivot irrigation circle is best seen from above.

Photo Friday Entry (#108) | elmada.com Home

Historic Weimar

During my recent stay in the States, I chanced upon a book written in 1929 by one E. M. Newman entitled “Seeing Germany.” The book was one in a series of books by the same author, including “Seeing Italy,” “Seeing Russia,” and “Seeing Egypt and the Holy Land.” (Implicitly there are other books as well.)


domestic elections

In case you haven’t noticed, I have pretty much sworn off ever voting for a Republican again. George W. Bush and his friends have managed to screw up America more than I ever could have imagined possible.

This stands in direct contrast to a rule I once had that I could not vote a straight […]