August 2006


Weather / Wetter

For about the past week, Weimar has been unseasonably cold.

Right now it’s 13° out, with “gefühlt” of 11°C, or 51.8°F. Admittedly it’s 8pm and one expects it to cool off in the evening, but today’s high was forecast to be 18/64, with scattered showers (and there have been). Unfortunately today’s pretty much the nicest day until Friday, when the skies clear and it reaches a toasty 23/73.

This is the kind of weather that I’m worried about encountering in Armenia. It’s not such a big deal in Germany because I’m at home and who cares, but Armenia is vacation, traveling lightly, and playing tourist. If I’m stuck inside while visiting the rural areas of Armenia, I’ll go insane. I’m not planning on having much reading material—an issue of the Economist, my Armenian phrase book, my Armenian guide, and, well, to be honest, that’s it. Unless I find something lightweight and dense, I can’t see the point in hauling around books everywhere I go.

Fortunately, Armenia is a few weeks away, so hopefully it won’t be an issue.

In the mean while, I promised a colleague at the office that I would bake brownies on Sunday, but my Saturday adventures prevented me from getting to a supermarket in time to buy the necessary supplies—principally eggs. So today, I bought some eggs and marched home to bake a double batter of Fannie Farmer’s delicious brownies. Of course since I was using an American cookbook, I had to make numerous conversions, the most interesting of which was figuring out how much a half a cup of butter equaled in grams.

The brownies are now cooling and in a little while, I’ll prepare them for transport to the office tomorrow.

With any luck, the entire pan, minus only one square, will make it.

3 comments to Weather / Wetter

  • MT

    One word: raincoat.

  • koko

    yum i want brownies!

  • hey adam, sorry that i have not been writing earlier, but things are being hectic and somehow overwhelming, here. i am so in love with this city. my plane made it to chicago, although i had have a delay, so a waiting of 5 hours… i thought it was so funny, when we saw eachother at the trainstation…life is suprising. so i sincerely hope, that you still get a perfect coffee at my caféladen, which i really miss here. feel free, to have a look on my blog, as to write on it as well. german greetings from america.