September 2006


Amusing Armenia

There were so many great things that I experienced in Armenia, that it’s difficult to talk about all of them in a sensible fashion. I’ve chosen to avoid my typical linear travelogues in an attempt find themes. However, this has left a lot of amusing asides out, so I thought I’d share some of the […]

Stare at me!

The one thing that was absolutely consistent wherever I went in Armenia was that people stared at me.

Granted, I’ve been stared at before—usually because I am a freak. Take, for instance, when I had bright orange hair, whilst wearing an orange shirt and an orange boa in Bloomington. I sure attracted a lot of […]


Hey Everybody!

I just got a report that one of my postcards mailed last Wednesday has already made it to the United Kingdom. I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d post comments telling me when you get your postcard.

Eight days from Yerevan to the British Cotswolds, including a national holiday in Armenia on the […]

Photo Friday: Anger

Anger at the past, expressed in a monument:

“To the victims of the political repression 1920-1991.”

Vanadzor, Lori, Armenia.

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Armenian Lodging

This is one of these housekeeping posts where I might babble about boring shit: mini-reviews of each of the places I stayed in Armenia.

In Kapan, I stayed at the Hotel Lernagordz, which generally speaking is in a prime location at the center of town. However, as I noted before, it had water issues—it didn’t […]

Doing Laundry?


So as I noted in “Yes busaker em,” Armenia was my first country that did not have a McDonald’s awaiting my custom at some random location, something that even Lichtenstein was able to provide.

But that was not all that made Armenia different for me.

Armenia is also the first place I’ve visited where things […]

Yes busaker em!

From start to finish, my trip across Armenia was filling.

Food-wise, that is. I cannot recall a trip where food was so consistently fantastic—I was stuffed from Kapan in the south to Vanadzor in the north. On my way from the airport to Kapan (which is 320 kilometers/200 miles from Yerevan; a 6 or 7 […]

Shat lav!

I am back in Weimar.

My trip from Vanadzor, Armenia, to here was, thankfully uneventful. I splurged on my trip back, spending 14,000 dram instead of 5,000, just so that I could stop by the Museum of Armenian Letters. For most Armenians, this price differential is huge, but since I am rarely in Armenia, splurging […]

Photo Friday: Girl

Two girls proud to be Armenian in Yerevan on September 21, 2006.

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