September 2006


Public Personals

First Up: Everybody!

To the American readers: Happy Labor Day! For the Canadian readers, Happy Labour Day! For everybody else: uh…

Next: Jen, “I’m not in the ten percent!”

When you’re all alone,
Do you take matters into your own hands,
Or are you in the ten percent that lie?

Ok, so I must apologize to you Jen. I have listened to “Get along lil’ doggie!” Actually, more than once. The first time I listened I was down at the Weimar Office (aka Café Laden), shortly after returning from Bloomington. It was morning, I had plugged in the laptop, popped in the CD, put on the headphones, got my morning cup of hot coffee and immediately snorted it.

People you love will turn their back on you.

However, I hope that you, Jen, are not one of those people, and I hope you accept my delayed gratitude… I really want to include the tunes on my computer, but I would prefer to include the song titles and artist names. If there’s anyway you can send me the list, I would be grateful.

Next Up: Notes on the Weimar Office to Barista Anki

In response to yesterday’s questions about Café Laden: There seems to be one new person at the coffee shop. I saw her Sunday morning sweeping the walk out front and at first glance I thought she couldn’t be older than 16 or 17. Then she came in, changed into the Café Laden uniform and went to work. While I was there work for her was cleaning everything on the tall display shelves, although she was too short to effectively clean the top level, so she had to get help from the other staff member working Sunday morning.

What I really like about Café Laden is the atmosphere (auf Deutsch: Ich denke „Atmosphäre” ist richtig.) of the shop. It’s really friendly and comfortable in a way that no place else in Weimar seems to be—or at least no place else I’ve been.

So far, nothing’s really changed since you’ve left. I’ll keep you posted.

Just Jay’s Personal Note:

Feel free to make an introductory post sometime. It need not be too long or complicated.

Everybody, One Last Time

Baking a Banana CakeOn the subject of my cooking: Last week’s brownies were stunningly delicious, but… incredibly messy. It was a disgusting looking lump by the time it got to the office. However, last night I made Banana Cake (using my Protected Bananas), and I have to say it couldn’t have turned out better. The texture was perfect and the flavor perfect.

I took the cake to the office and it vanished before lunch.

4 comments to Public Personals

  • jen

    adam, i regret that i didn’t keep a song list. but the two snippits of lyrics that you did mention were “consolation prize” by the amateur lovers, it’s a commentary on masturbation, and “the end of the movie” by cake. let me know what other ones were you’re favorites. the “homo rainbow” song was of course, by ween.

    i miss you!

  • thank you for keeping me informed about my caféLaden. some places here in chicago are really nice as well, i have found around three, which i prefer to go to, but yet, i have to say, it’s not the same…and different.

  • J

    Unfortunately, we don’t have (what I assume to be) a small, cozy coffee shop like the Cafe Laden in my town. I wish we did.

  • J- That is unfortunate. Café Laden is very small… 13 inside seats–maybe 16 or 17 if people squeeze together.

    It’s quite charming and quite the Euro consumer!