October 2006



So this is entry number 1,000. I’ve written 1,000 entries since conversion to the blog format. As such I thought I would think about the old entries and pick out ten of my favorites—even though I could have followed the crowd and gone with today’s holiday theme.

Firstly, this is not the first entry I’ve […]

Present / Future / Antwerp

Back when I was busy watching Firefly, I noticed that the future lacked Wal-Mart.

And such absence is not limited to just Firefly. Even in Star Trek, whether the Enterprise was visiting a wild frontier outpost or a modern star-base, Wal-Mart was not in evidence. Communities and commerce center on street markets where people competed […]

My Queer Weekend

I left Weimar this weekend for a number of reasons—the specific ones are not especially important. As you might recall, my original plan was to go used underwear shopping in Berlin, but ended up going to Frankfurt, Trier, and (as I write this, enroute to) Antwerp.

Suffice it to say, Frankfurt continues to disappoint. I […]


So last night a group of colleagues and I got together to watch a couple films—the first being the controversial British film, Death of a President.

Death of a President features the assignation of George W. Bush and is a retrospective documentary based on the events of October 17, 2007. I saw a number of […]

Photo Friday: Accidental

Accidental shock source.

Photo Friday Entry (#53) | elmada.com Home

from the Inbox

This morning I woke up to the following email:

I need to take K 300 next semester and I was talking to a couple of my friends who recommended you highly to me. I was not sure, however, if you were teaching a class in the spring. If so, please let me know, and I […]

Everything but the kitchen sink…

Here’s an amusing thing for you to consider.

In the apartment I live in, one rents the space that includes the rooms, including a room that can be used as a kitchen. The kitchen one must buy—in my flat’s case, the kitchen was bought from the previous owner.

This is an important detail because in […]

Trip Alert: Southern Africa

Last time, the magic country was “Armenia.”

This time the magic country is “South Africa” and its neighbors.

I have one nibble already, is anybody else interested?

Annoying Humans

I have to admit that for the past week or two I have become increasingly annoyed with my fellow man for what might seem like a trivial issue.

But it is not trivial.

Why do people, as soon as they get to the top of the stairs, the end of a moving walkway, off of […]

Shifting Plans

As you may recall, next weekend I planned to be in Berlin, buying (used) underwear.

Well, my plans have changed.

The apartment where I was planning to spend three nights was double booked for first night, and although the owner offered to put me up in a hotel for that night, the idea of having […]