October 2006


Enough is Enough

Well, for now I am going to stop fixating on my recent vacation—there are plenty of real-time things to talk about. Besides, I’m sure that I will let Armenia slip into my entries here and there.

There’s a ton of stuff to discuss—including that incredible scandal out coming out of the Republican Congress: Congressman Foley who resigned after it was discovered that he’d been sending sexual emails and chats with under-aged congressional pages. It’s bad enough that he was doing it, but the Republican cover-up is even worse: why didn’t they deal with it when it first cropped up. Naturally, like any good scandal, the perpetrator and his supporters are blaming others. The perpetrator is blaming childhood molestations (but not really), and his supporters blame the pages:

Now, why in the world would not-so-closeted gay guy Matt “I Stole This Hat From Walter Winchell’s Skeletal Remains” Drudge defend admitted creep Mark Foley? Why would Drudge blame the teenagers who Foley was virtual cruising over internet messaging? What reason, and there aren’t many to choose from, could Drudge have for calling the boys “these impressionable, young 17 year-old beasts” who were “egging the Congressman on” by revealing bits and pieces of their masturbatory lives?

Naturally we can now officially start blaming rape victims for encouraging rapists. Thanks to the Rude Pundit for the quote.

And, seriously this just occurred to me, I had already chosen the title of this post is to be “Enough is Enough,” when I remembered that Enough is Enough is an organization

…dedicated to protecting children and families from the Internet dangers of pornography and sexual predators so that they can enjoy the enormous benefits that the Internet offers.

I once heard one of its advocates give a presentation about the organization to an audience of college students and I have to say that while I agree with the principle, I disagree with what they actually attempt to implement: a full out assault on all forms of Internet pornography. They should, instead, go after proven perverts.

5 comments to Enough is Enough

  • If an event is something bad or negative, nobody ever takes blame and they always put it on someone else (unless a group finds the event to be positive is the only time they will take credit).

    Stuff like is will always be the fault of bad parenting, childhood molestation, perverts and hookers, and of course the ever so scantly clad victim.

    If only I could blame hookers and perverts for all my bad behaviors…like oversleeping two days in a row.

  • Fox labeled Foley a Democrat at least once.

    And just when I finally started convincing a few people to move to Florida.

  • Wouldn’t it be better if society tolerated homosexuals instead of forcing them into the closet–then, maybe, Foley would have a boyfriend?

  • I agree Adam, but I’d prefer we aim for “accepted” or “celebrated” rather than “tolerated.”

  • Accepted is the right word… I wouldn’t want to celebrate all of the gays out there–not all of them are as special as I am 🙂