October 2006


Late Mornings

It seems like it was only a month or two ago and the sun was coming up at 4am—now the sun is coming up sometime after my alarm time of 6:25, and I’m having a hard time dealing with it.

Such is life at the northern latitudes.

I’ve been on a bread-baking kick of late, and I’m happy to report that on my fourth try I think I finally got it right. The first dry was at sweet rolls that were neither rolls nor sweet—I ditched half the dough. The second try was a simple white bread that didn’t rise enough, although it tasted fine. I won’t discuss the third try, suffice it to say it was a heavy brick—but with the fourth try the dough rose and then was baked to relative tasty perfection, even if it didn’t look exactly like bread.

More experimentation this weekend.

Tuesday was German Reunification Day, the biggest non-holiday of the year in Germany. It rained here in Weimar, thus making it perfectly blah out, although I did venture to Jena in the evening to see Perfume: The Story of a Murderer—in German. Of course, I missed much of the nuance, but I think I understood most of the story and I found it remarkably sweet, despite the murders.

On the way to Jena, I sat across from an American from Philadelphia.

Random Fashion Observation: It appears, at least in this part of Germany, that big sideburns are making an unnecessary return. I’ve noticed several young men sporting sideburns that make the old fashioned ones last seen in photos from the late 1890s look simple.

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