October 2006


Matthew Shepard .08

Matthew Shepard

Remember Matthew Shepard

1 December 1976 – 12 October 1998

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  • Ed

    I still have nightmares of finding myself in a dark deserted area tied to a fence and being beaten to death. Not because I was a killer and deserved it. Not becuase I had picked a fight with the wrong crowd. Only because I was Gay and didn’t hide it well enough. I see myself all covered with blood and feeling like I had been run over by a truck.Knowing I am about to die and will never see my family ever again. Then I awaken look around and thank God it was only a dream. For Matthew it was real. For his parents it was real. I hope we never forget that woeful night 8 years ago. Rest in Peace, Matthew Shepard Rest in Peace!

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since that happened. Thanks for remembering him.

  • Ed & Teena: Matthew Shepard was, without a doubt, the most painful thing to ever happen to me. I’ve had a busy day today, but I did manage to tell two people about Matthew Shepard and what he meant to me–but it’s hard to fully explain.

  • davidlevine

    there is alot that can be said about Matthew shepard and even if it depresses me one is I don,t see whythe nationql hate alw is not named the Shepard law along the lins of the braiddy Gun laws for thre was little is any oppisition to it . dow sadlly there is little that cna v be done t pertect adult children for I asume he had the commin sence of a 12 year old and a brillent mind I can,t see wre the time went for he would have been minimum age to run for the US Senate or five years eallier the House andthe best part would be Wyoming ha one pepersentative at large only he was sort of strange maybe thats one reason some compare him to Chessis Crist

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