October 2006


Project Complete

Today was a good day in that I finished off a project that needed to be nailed down and shipped off. I only missed the deadline by 24 hours.

I don’t really have one theme to write about today—life is varied.

Dreamwise I’ve been having a number of interesting dreams: this morning I had a long dream about Christmas present shopping. It was a rather odd dream, and I don’t remember much, but just as my alarm went off, I was discussing with a friend how hard it was to buy presents, and she trumped me by showing me her shopping list, and then remarked that many of the relatives on the list she had only met once. A more common thread in my dreams of late has me at the airport trying to get through security—something which is immensely annoying and difficult—never mind reality.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a plane ticket to the states for the holidays. The least expensive routing was also slightly convoluted: Frankfurt to Detroit to Memphis to Denver, and back. However, thanks to this convoluted routing, elite bonuses, and passing a course at a “university,” I will earn 24,560 miles – 460 miles short of a domestic US round trip ticket. I paid a slight premium for this privilege—but flying the marginally less expensive ticket would have netted about 10,000 miles round trip on a different airline leaving me far short of a free ticket anywhere. The only downside: extremely long trips.

As long as we’re talking about Christmas and my Christmas trips, I am still short a few presents, and the new security regulations mean that bottles of booze are out of the question: all presents must be dry and/or solid.

Finally, I am actually disappointed that my upcoming trip to Berlin is not this coming weekend, but the last weekend of the month. This weekend is HustlaBall, a “World of Hustlers, Hookers, Pimps, streetwalkers, Flesh-Peddlers, Porn Stars and other scandalous Sorts.” I’m not really sure if it is actually my type of event, but it matches my sense of humor.

4 comments to Project Complete

  • I’m not looking forward to xmas shopping…never really know what to get people so your dream would have been more of a nightmare to me.

    Will your trip bring you to see your favorite koko? I hope so 😉

    I think the hustlaball will be hilarious! 😀

  • Koko, i am sorry to say, Indiana is not in the cards.

  • le sad…when will Indiana be in the cards…cause we are nearly neighbors now 🙁

  • Alas, I know not when. I do not have any trips planned other than Berlin/Netherlands and Denver right now.