October 2006


Republican Values

Real campaign commericals for a Republican Congressional Candidate.

4 comments to Republican Values

  • Guess what district he’s running in? 🙂 Congrats A, by visiting my house you’ve been in the congressional district in question.

    Did you put this on here knowing this guy is running in my district?

    He touts his military credentials… Gee, he was in the Air Force for over 10 years and he only made it to the rank of captain? I was in the army for two and got promoted one more time than he did.

    If you think the commercials are bad, you should see his mass mailings.

    The first commercial he ran during his first losing campaign against Virginia Fox and the second is what he is airing currently. After the Fox/Robinson primary match-up, he lost, then he moved so he could run in my district. I wish he would just go crawl back under the rock he emerged from.

    The Democrat he’s running against (Brad Miller) has not launched a negative ad or negative mailer that I’m aware of.

  • CQ: I had no idea he was running to represent you–I just was so taken aback his commericals. None of the people I showed this to at the office (other than the American) believed that it was a real commercial when they first saw it.

  • mateo

    They almost don’t seem like real commercials, but I definitely know there are real people out there who feel and believe all those same things aired in the commercial. I can understand to a certain extent, but it’s kind of scary how far some of their logic goes (or I should say how far it DOESN’T go!)

  • It must be nice to have a simple mind and see everything in Black and White.